Lorena's Accomplishments

Lorena González brings proven experience in public service, true movement leadership abilities, with progressive values we trust. She’s someone who knows how to bring people together to get things done. As our first Latinx mayor and only the third woman to hold the position, Lorena will dream big and work hard – making city government work for everyone.

Supporting the LGBTQ Community

  • Banned the practice of “conversion therapy” on LGBTQ minors within the City of Seattle
  • Passed funding to research and plan for aging LGBTQ appropriate housing and senior services

Strengthening Worker Protections & Small Businesses

  • Implemented a fair work-week scheduling requirement for thousands of retail and restaurant workers
  • Passed sexual assault protections and maximum workload restrictions to protect the safety of hotel workers
  • Passed pandemic emergency funds for hospitality industry workers and small businesses
  • Capped restaurant delivery fees of third-party delivery companies during the pandemic

Investing in Immigrants & Refugees

  • Championed funding to support the immigrant community in a rapidly changing landscape under a Trump Administration
  • Established a permanent Legal Defense Fund to help defend immigrants from the Trump’s Administration’s deportation assaults

Tackling the Housing Crisis

  • Passed funding for rental subsidies for seniors and disabled adults who rely on disability insurance to remain housed
  • Advocated for the passage of the Affordable Housing Fund — a $290 million fund for affordable housing for renters and homeowners 
  • Emergency pandemic legislation to provide tenants an economic defense to eviction if non-payment of rent is related to COVID-19 
  • Introduced and passed emergency legislation to create rental payment plans for tenants experiencing income loss related to COVID-19
  • Protected equitable development commitments made by the City of Seattle to BIPOC communities 
  • Ensured legislation for communities at high risk of displacement were prioritized for resources in zoning and land-use changes
  • Championed funding for the City’s accessory dwelling unit/detached accessory dwelling unit (ADU/DADU) loan pilot

Helping Working Families & Children

  • Worked with a statewide coalition to advocate for a statewide paid family and medical leave insurance program
  • Doubled the number of Seattle Preschool Program slots available to Seattle families with children aged 3 to 4 years old
  • Expanded access to the City’s child care assistance program and programs like the parent-child home visiting program, Play and Learn, and nurse home visiting program for families with young children
  • Protected Seattle’s investments in enrichment learning of K-12 public school students
  • Expanded the number of school-based health clinics, and increased support for student mental health, and students and families via funding for family support workers
  • Supported the expansion of Seattle Promise to provide public school students access to free community college 
  • Championed the first of its kind City-level investment to invest in teacher diversity 
  • Incentivizing the construction of childcare facilities in affordable housing development via the Mandatory Housing Affordability program

Addressing Homelessness

  • Serves as one of Seattle’s three representatives on the Governing Committee of the newly formed King County Regional Homelessness Authority
  • Created the City’s first dedicated investment to address student homelessness and championed funding for homeless families to access childcare
  • Partnered with neighborhood business associations to fund homelessness outreach resources in neighborhood commercial districts

Public Safety & Gun Violence Prevention

  • Passed $10.4 million in funding for community safety programs to reduce gun violence
  • Passed historic police accountability legislation
  • Passed budget actions that shift funds to social services to better support and protect our communities
  • Required safe gun storage, reducing the theft of firearm, suicides, and accidental deaths 
  • Expanded the regional domestic violence firearms enforcement unit to get guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals
  • Funded the provision of direct services and legal representation for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors
  • Advanced progressive taxes on large business to fund investments in affordable housing, homelessness services, and more

Ensuring the Integrity of Fair & Free Local Elections

  • Banned foreign-influenced corporate donations to Seattle elections via campaigns or independent expenditure committees 
  • Passed electoral reforms to bring additional fairness, accountability, and transparency to our local elections
  • Passed indirect lobbying reforms to increase transparency and disclosure requirements for campaigns seeking to influence the public opinion on issues and legislation