Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal

 Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Julián Castro

“Lorena has the experience and track record to improve housing security in Seattle, and has shown she’s an effective leader who can bring the community together to recover even stronger from the pandemic. I’m proud to endorse her campaign for Mayor.”

– Secretary Castro

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Rebecca Saldana

Sen. Rebecca Saldaña

“Lorena Gonzalez stands up for workers — from helping victims of wage theft and employment discrimination as a civil rights attorney to strengthened protections for workers on the City Council. We need a mayor who will keep the rights of workers front and center — someone who will prioritize a diverse economy and living wages. I’m endorsing Lorena as the next Mayor of Seattle.”


Rep. Liz Berry

“I’ve always been impressed by Lorena’s dedication to service and her commitment to fighting on behalf of the most vulnerable among us. I’m proud to endorse her campaign for mayor because I know she understands what our city is facing. Not only does she have a vision and dream for Seattle — she knows how to achieve it.”

KHT Headshot

Rep. Kirsten Harris-Talley

“Having served on the City Council alongside Lorena, I know that she has both the head and the heart to move our city forward. Seattle can be a place where all thrive. We need leaders who listen and act accordingly – and Lorena is the experienced, visionary and compassionate leader who does just that.”

Nicole Macri

Rep. Nicole Macri

“Every single person in Seattle deserves the dignity of safe, permanent housing. Lorena González shares this vision for our city and her pragmatic approach to policy makes her the effective leader Seattle needs as we navigate the homelessness crisis in our region.”



Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon

“I am proud to endorse Lorena for Mayor of Seattle because of her bold plans to fight climate change. The impacts of climate change fall disproportionately on communities of color and on low-income communities, and Lorena’s plans to fight climate change at a local level, like reforming exclusionary zoning laws and improving access to sustainable transportation, both reduce inequities and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She has the vision, experience, and the relationships necessary to implement a strong climate agenda.”

Lillian Ortiz Self

Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self

“Lorena has always had big dreams – whether that’s to expand access to childcare, improve wages and protections for workers, or to re-invest in small businesses who have struggled during the pandemic. But she also has the tools and the work ethic to deliver on that vision. I am so proud to support my friend in her campaign for Mayor of Seattle!”

Teresa Mosqueda

Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda

“We have a lot we need to get done as a city: addressing our affordability issues, making our communities safer, and ensuring nobody gets left behind as our economy recovers from the pandemic. Lorena Gonzalez has the values, the vision, and the right approach to lead our city.”

Tammy Morales

Councilmember Tammy Morales

“Lorena Gonzalez is someone who shares my values of protecting our city’s most vulnerable. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Lorena to be Seattle’s next Mayor. She’s a champion for working families and keeps the vibrancy of our neighborhoods at the center of her work. Lorena is committed to building a Seattle that will work for everyone.”

Lisa Herbold

Councilmember Lisa Herbold

“Lorena started her career as a civil rights attorney focused on holding police accountable. She is the mayor our city needs during this incredible opportunity to reimagine what public safety looks like in Seattle.”  

Andrew Lewis

Councilmember Andrew Lewis

“As we head into recovery, Lorena is the right leader to build on the hard work ahead of us. We need to implement a regional social and workforce housing strategy, provide support for our small business districts, and create a bold new system of public safety. During her time on the Council Lorena has proven she is the person best positioned to deliver.”

MOB Headshot

Former Councilmember Mike O’Brien

“Having served with Lorena, I have seen up close how strong her values are and how she doesn’t back down from any challenge. Lorena approaches problems with tenacity and knows how to bring people together to make a real difference for the people of Seattle. Above all, I trust Lorena on the issues most important to me, including addressing climate change and combating the disproportionate impacts of environmental racism. I’m proud to endorse her in this race for Mayor.”

Jim Street

Former Councilmember Jim Street

“I endorse Lorena because she has the unique ability to bring collaboration between Mayor and Council where it has been lacking for a long time. She knows the Council; she has led it. She is supported by current council members who look forward to working with her.  All candidates can cite a list of what they will do. Lorena knows how to do it. She will collaborate to address social justice in Seattle and the existential climate crisis.”


Cary Moon

Urban Planner and Activist

“Lorena is most prepared and most capable to rally us together around the solutions we need to survive the intertwined economic, climate, housing, and racial justice crises. She is ready with an inspiring future vision of a multicultural, equitable, and just Seattle.”

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 8.54.08 AM

Judge Theresa Doyle, Ret.


“I met Lorena when she was a relatively new attorney and rising star in the legal community. I was struck by her passion for equal justice, vision, drive and leadership.  No surprise that she was drawn to civil rights litigation and then to public service. Lorena will bring these considerable abilities, experience and commitment to social justice to the mayor’s office.”

Jorge Baron

Jorge Barón

Executive Director, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

“Lorena understands that immigrant and refugee families — like the one she was raised in — help make Seattle the vibrant and diverse city that it is. I’m supporting Lorena for Mayor because I know she’ll continue to support and invest in Seattle’s immigrant and refugee communities.”

Sudha headshot circle clear

Sudha Nandagopal

Co-Founder, City of Seattle Equity & Environment Initiative

“As an environmental and climate justice strategist, and as a fellow woman of color, I am proud to be endorsing Lorena for Mayor. I know she brings both the lived experienced and the strategic vision that is needed to center our city’s climate action around people most directly impacted. We need a Mayor who will address the climate crisis urgently and with bold, just solutions. I know Lorena is the candidate who can deliver for Seattle, for our environment and for all our communities.”


Fé Lopez Gaetke

Former Director, The Community Police Commission

“One of the most important things our next mayor will do is address public safety, a nuanced and challenging issue. I’m supporting Lorena Gonzalez for mayor because she will work to impact true culture change by working collaboratively with our community and police.”

Anais Custer

Anais Custer

Owner, La Dive

“Lorena understands the importance of advocating for small business and our local economy and how fundamental these businesses are in creating the community that Seattle was once so proud of.”

Rich Stolz

Rich Stolz

Former Executive Director, One America

“Lorena understands that immigrant and refugee families — like the one she was raised in — help make Seattle the vibrant and diverse city that it is. I’m supporting Lorena for Mayor because I know she’ll continue to support and invest in Seattle’s immigrant and refugee communities.”

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