NEW: Lorena Pledges To Reject Corporate Campaign Cash

Lorena González pledges to reject campaign contributions from corporations and their PACs and calls on all mayoral candidates to join her pledge.

Now, more than ever, it is critical that we protect the integrity of our democracy. To keep the faith voters have in the fairness of our electoral system it is critical that we get corporate influence and big money out of politics.

Lorena is committed to ensuring ordinary people’s voices are heard. In her race for Mayor, she is proud to be participating in Seattle’s first-in-the-nation Democracy Voucher Program and is rejecting financial support from corporations.

She calls on all candidates in the race to join her in keeping big corporate money and influence out of politics by:

  • Participating in and abiding by all campaign finance rules in Seattle’s Democracy Voucher program
  • Rejecting all corporate PAC contributions and support
  • Denouncing independent expenditure and Super PAC efforts directly or indirectly funded by corporate dollars

Lorena has a long history of working to make our city elections more fair and honest:

  • Past member of Seattle’s Ethics and Elections Commission
  • Early endorser of Initiative 122, “Honest Elections Seattle” that created public campaign financing and limited political giving by corporate PACs
  • Spearheaded and passed Seattle’s Clean Campaigns Act which reforms our campaign finance laws to ban foreign-influenced corporations from contributing to to independent expenditures, and puts new reporting requirements in place to increase transparency

When the people are empowered to use their voice, our democracy thrives and so do our communities. Join Lorena and help get corporate money out of our elections.

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